Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun Playing Style Between Bulldogs And Lakers

If You Like Up-Tempo Basketball, This Is Your Game

BIG RAPIDS - If nothing else, the Bulldogs and Lakers are demonstrating a commitment to a run-and-gun style of women's college basketball.

Ferris, over the years, has been a team that is in its comfort zone pushing the ball up the court hard to create open-floor opportunities and higher-percentage scoring chances. Grand Valley plays a similar style. Both teams are blessed with guards who like the fast-tempo style. Chelsea Simonetti and Becci Houdek, Ferris' point guards, and Jasmine Padin, the Lakers' starting point guard, are built for the fast-paced style of basketball.

Although the shooting percentages have cooled, a little, the commitment to running and pushing the basketball has not changed much.

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