Thursday, October 15, 2009

First Lady's Attic Is Enjoying Success

BIG RAPIDS - It's hard to ignore the early success Ferris State University's First Lady's Attic has experienced.

Since the beginning of Ferris State University's fall semester, through the end of September, the First Lady's Attic has provided 65 FSU students with clothing that will help them as they enter the job market armed with a quality education from Ferris.

In all, the First Lady's Attic has taken in 3,275 pieces of clothing (with a suit counting as one). This important project has met with a great deal of success and that is thanks in no small part to the hard work of a lot of people around campus.

Since the start of the fall semester through the end of September the FLA has provided clothing for 65 students! I also did a total of items/pieces from the inception of the FLA to the end of Sept. 09 and we have taken in 3275 pieces of clothing and this is counting a suit as one! Pretty amazing!

To refresh your memory about the mission of the First Lady's Attic:

Students at Ferris State University need not wonder anymore how they will afford to buy professional-looking clothing for a job or internship interview — or class presentation. First Lady's Attic will ensure that all Ferris students, male and female, are dressed appropriately for success.

"This is something I have been dreaming about for two years," shares Patsy Eisler, founder of First Lady's Attic. "With the foresight and collaboration of Chief Diversity Officer David Pilgrim and Vice President for Student Affairs Dan Burcham, this is now a reality.

"Here at Ferris we are committed to providing opportunities for our students. One way we can do this is to make certain they are appropriately dressed and have the best possible chance of achieving that first great job or internship. Looking the part and feeling confident in an interview or during a class presentation can make a world of difference," adds Eisler.

Once students choose their outfit, it is theirs to keep as they commence from the school environment into the world of work.

"This represents one way we can make tangible our commitment to opportunity, one of the core values of our University," notes Pilgrim.

First Lady's Attic is currently accepting donations of all men's and women's professional clothing. The Attic will gladly take not just "experienced" suits, but shirts, blouses, dress pants and skirts, blazers, dresses, shoes, ties, scarves, belts, jewelry, purses and briefcases.

All donations can be dropped off at either location of Pete's Cleaners in Big Rapids, a community supporter of the First Lady's Attic.

"I am just thrilled to be a part of this and happy that I can contribute to helping students look their best when interviewing," comments Darin Cebulla, owner of Pete's Cleaners. "Just drop off your clothes you'd like to donate at either location on Hemlock or State Street and mention they are for First Lady's Attic, and I'll take care of the rest."

Clothing also can be dropped off on campus at the Ferris Diversity Office located at the Timme Center for Student Services, Room 312.

For more information:

Welcome to First Lady's Attic!
Do you need a suit or other professional business clothes to wear to an interview or class presentation? First Lady’s Attic will ensure that all Ferris students, male and female, are dressed appropriately for success.

Fall Hours:
Monday - Friday 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Rankin Student Center Room 171.

For more information about First Lady's Attic:
Please e-mail: or call: (231) 591-3193.

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