Friday, August 14, 2009

Notes from Argentina

Study Away student Leanne VanRemortel is currently studying for the fall semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Here is her personal account.

Mostly everything in Argentina has been great. I love my host family and the other American student that is living in the house is great. I know by the end of these 6 months we are going to be best buds! She is very much like me and speaks Spanish really well. It’s great.

Swine flu (called “Gripe A”) here is another story. Everyone in the city seems to be going crazy because of it. Whenever I turn on the TV every station has news flashes regarding the flu. So many schools, universities, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, etc. are closed down taking precautions against the spread of the flu. It’s really strange. Whenever I take the subway or use the bus I see people wearing masks and covering their faces with scarves. I haven’t gone that far yet – but I have definitely been careful. I wash my hands constantly and whenever I’m in public places I try not to touch things. Good news though – there have been a couple
students that got Gripe A but survived it and claim that it is nothing more than a regular seasonal flu if you take care of yourself. I still don’t want to take my chances, however.

I am on the University of Belgrano volleyball team. It’s crazy because none of the girls or the coach speak English, so we do a lot of pointing and mimicking and what not. It’s great. Currently we are not practicing though because the University postponed sports until this Swine Flu thing clears up more.

Can’t wait to start up again! Second – I have a completely new view of international students and the importance of the office at Ferris. At times it is very difficult being international and I wish there was an office here as great as the one at Ferris. I have a different understanding of everything now and am excited to come back and continue to be a part of international student life. I have been receiving Facebook notifications of events going on and it makes me sad that I have to miss out on everything!

Ferris In The News

Conference Highlights Ferris’ Fleet Management Program

The next generation of fleet managers may be among those in attendance at NAFA’s Michigan Chapter meeting on Sept. 2, 2009, at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, NAFA reports in a recent press release. The meeting will discuss the partnership between FSU and NAFA; the curriculum associated with the school’s Fleet Management minor; the program from the experiences of a recent graduate; how one employer is utilizing the school’s internship program and how others may utilize internships for their business, as well. The partnership between FSU and NAFA, announced in 2008, further enhances the credibility of NAFA’s Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) program and allows the program to reach new heights. The arrangement includes a four-step degree plan that begins with awarding NAFA CAFM program participants 12 semester hours of college credit for the successful completion of the program and ends with a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in Fleet Management. Read more at

Ferris Professor Shares Love of Music, Jazz with Campers

“Linking Nature, Culture and Arts” is the slogan for this year’s Camp Idlewild. This is the camp’s second year of providing enriching activities for children and teens ages 5 to 18 free of charge, reports the Lake County Star. This year, Ferris State University’s Humanities department has offered several programs for the camp, including two field trips to the university’s campus in Big Rapids. Campers received a 2.5-hour introduction to jazz by Ferris associate professor and jazz musician Harry Dempsey. “Jazz is a unique blending of societal and musical elements,” Dempsey said. Students also were treated to a jazz concert and lunch at Westview Dining Center. “One of the best aspects of the camp is to see young people excited about art, music and history,” added Grant Snider, Humanities department head.

Ferris Student Travels to Canada for International SkillsUSA Competition

SkillsUSA, the organization that represents the United States in the WorldSkills Competition, will send 16 students as part of the United States “WorldTeam” to compete in the 40th international event to be held Sept. 1 through 7, 2009, American Printer reports. This year, Amela Mujkic, of Clinton Township, Mich., and a student at Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Mich., will represent the U.S. in Calgary, Canada, in the WorldSkills Printing Competition. Every two years, hundreds of young people from 51 member countries or regions compete in the prestigious WorldSkills Competition. Considered “the best of the best,” these contestants compete for four days in 45 occupational skill areas from economic sectors including manufacturing, information technology, transportation, construction and services. Read more at

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Rich History Of Ferris State University Is Within Your Reach

Ferris State University has a 125 years of an incomparable dedication to education for people and creating lifelong memories for people who have called Ferris home.

Bulldog Bytes highlights the new coffee table book that documents the amazing history of Ferris State University from its roots as Big Rapids Industrial School, founded by Woodbridge Nathan Ferris, to where it stands today as a fast-growing university with a unique and important mission of education.

From Bulldog Bytes:

A coffee table book will be published on Sept. 1, 2009 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Ferris State University. Packed with wonderful photos (who knows, maybe you're in there!) and interesting facts you may not know about the history of Ferris. The books will be available at the Barnes and Noble Lundberg Bookstore, Great Lakes Book and Supply, the Old Pioneer Store and Emporium and the Ice Arena Pro Shop. They will make wonderful gifts for all of your Ferris friends! Visit to learn more about the history of Ferris.

Share your memories with the Oral History project by visiting

Have some memorabilia that you would like to donate? Contact Ferris archivist Melinda McMartin Isler at

Check Out August 2009 Bulldog Bytes Alumni Newsletter

Senator Carl Levin (center) sports the official 125th Celebration T-shirt. He is joined by Dean Michelle Johnston and Vice President John Willey.
T-shirts are available for sale at the Alumni Office. The proceeds benefit student scholarships.

Check out Bulldog Bytes on the Web:

Monday, August 10, 2009

Detroit, Chicago Papers Publish Stories About Ferris Bike Donations

BIG RAPIDS - The Detroit Free Press and the Chicago Tribune were among the papers to take notice of Ferris State University's efforts to put abandoned bicycles in the possession of underprivileged area kids.

Here is the original story published by Ferris State University's News Services office:

The story was picked up by the Associated Press and ultimately picked up by several papers, including the Detroit Free Press and Chicago Tribune.

Here is the version published in the Chicago Tribune:

Here is the version published in the Detroit Free Press: