Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ferris State University President Dave Eisler On The Festival Of The Arts

This third year of the Festival for the Arts coincides with the 125th anniversary of Ferris State University. The Festival embodies many of the values that for a century and a quarter have guided the University, forged our mission and shaped our vision for the future. Among those values are opportunity, access and transformation.

During this monthlong celebration, opportunity takes the form of the extraordinarily diverse artistic offerings that Festival organizers put together. It would be hard to find anywhere a more eclectic mix of music, theater, literature, visual art and much, much more. Styles, too, vary from the traditional to the more avant garde. The only reason not to become excited is not to attend.

Many of these events are free and others have very modest ticket prices which provide access to events for hundreds, and perhaps thousands of people who otherwise would not be exposed to the excitement of live performance and artistic creation.

And of course the very nature of art is transformation – first of all the transformation of raw material into finished product, but more importantly the transformation of human emotion and perception. We see this every day in classrooms at Ferris, and helping to extend that experience into the wider community is one of the most satisfying ways the University lives its values.

Again this year I want to thank Ferris Architectural Technology Professor Bruce Dilg for his work in making this Festival possible. And also as in previous years, Pioneer Group Chairman Jack Batdorff has shown his deep commitment to promoting the arts in Big Rapids. Many others have played key roles. As you attend the various events, please thank the organizers, volunteers and course, the performers and artists.

Mr. Ferris was a strong believer in the arts, and music was a regular part of morning exercises at the Institute. The Festival of the Arts is a testament to the power of the arts, as well as to the dynamic, long-standing and continuing relationship between Ferris and Big Rapids. Take advantage fully of the opportunities this monthlong festival offers – I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. I look forward to seeing you at the Festival.

David L. Eisler, President
Ferris State University

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