Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This Isn’t Your Mom and Dad’s Summer Camp

As the dread welled in our stomachs, lyrics to the quirky tune “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” rolled mercilessly through our heads. We were off to summer camp.

All of us can reminisce to our days of adolescence and summer camp, now chuckling at Allan Sherman’s song that serves as a parody of summertime hijinx for generations past. But today, youth heading off to summer camp are more apt to have the theme song from television show “CSI,” The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” playing on their iPhones as they foray into the world of biotechnology.

For high schoolers on campus this week at Ferris, summer camp means using DNA fingerprinting or cloning and identifying genes. Long gone are arts and crafts at picnic tables by the lake. These activities have been replaced by high-tech laboratories, and leaky cabins and tents where the bed bugs bite have been replaced with college residence halls.

Summer camp has now become a means to identifying a career path or college program of choice, Ferris associate Biology professor Bradley Isler said, noting campers get a glimpse of college life while meeting faculty and learning about Ferris.

“These camps give them a chance to see what they could experience at Ferris in the biotech program. It’s nice to get them excited about science, but it’s even nicer to get them excited about science at Ferris; it’s a very good place to go to college,” he said.

But the fun doesn’t stop here. Ferris will welcome a host of students throughout the summer months for everything from Criminal Justice to Digital Animation and Game Design, not to mention athletics camps. If you’re interested in learning more, visit

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