Thursday, July 29, 2010

Japanese Students Visit Ferris State University And Share Their Experiences

Ferris State University
welcomed 28 students and two professors from Japan's Tokyo Technical College for eight days beginning the week of July 11 in Big Rapids.

The students and professors traveled to Michigan as part of an English as a Second Language course. As part of the visit, the students attended daily classes taught by two of Ferris' ESL instructors to help strengthen their English speaking. As part of their visit, the students took photos and put together PowerPoint presentations for classmates and others to showcase their time in Big Rapids and highlight their improved English-speaking skills.

While the students learned to better speak English and enjoyed a slice of American culture, they also helped teach Ferris students, faculty and staff a little about Japan and Japanese culture.

The experience was an eye opening one for many of the Japanese students visiting the United States for the first time.

At the end of the week, the Ferris staff that assisted during the program hosted a going-away party for the 28 students and two professors shown as part of the video.

Yuzo Suhara, an architecture student, and Takeshi Ebisawa, studying automotive engineering, represented classmates as they addressed the student staff and faculty that worked with the group.

As part if this video clip, Adam Wetherell, director of camps and and conferences at Ferris, expressed kind thoughts as he addressed the group as they finished their last full day in Big Rapids.

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