Monday, October 11, 2010

A Conversation with Dr. Yuri Maltsev: Economic Advisor to Gorbachev

One of the great treats of a college campus is the opportunity to hear from dynamic and important speakers.

Ferris State University has a new name to add to its list of speakers coming to campus this academic year.

Yuri Maltsev received his M.A . in history and social sciences at Moscow State University and his Ph.D. in economics at the Institute for Labor Research in Moscow. Some of his major achievements include consulting on central and eastern European economic, trade and political issues, as well as appearing on national television and radio programs.He will be speaking Tuesday (Oct. 12) beginning at 2 p.m. in FLITE 408 (the Office of International Education).

Dr. Maltsev has an impressive publishing record which consists of five monographs, contributions to 16 books, and 73 articles (including co-authored materials) in American, Russian, Turkish, Japanese, and Taiwanese journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Currently, he is a professor at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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