Monday, November 1, 2010

From The President's Desk: Looking Inside Ferris' Positive Enrollment Numbers

Ferris State University continues to grow through its enrollment. Below is a note from President Dave Eisler regarding Fall 2010 enrollment numbers at Ferris.

Here is a note from President Dave Eisler (pictured in the mugshot) to the Ferris State University community discussing Ferris enrollment numbers for the Fall 2010 semester:
Part of the Vision for our University is that we will work to become the preferred choice for students who seek specialized, innovative, career- and life-enhancing education. The comparative data for fall enrollment at public universities in Michigan document our success in pursuit of this objective.

These data include the “yield” from our student recruitment efforts – in other words the percentage of students who are admitted that actually do enroll at our University. For fall 2010, 39 percent of freshmen who were admitted to Ferris enrolled. This is the second highest percentage of all public universities in Michigan. Only the University of Michigan had a higher yield percentage. Even more stunning is the yield for admitted transfer students at Ferris. Eighty percent of admitted transfer students enrolled for fall 2010! This is the highest of any public university in Michigan. Second highest was Michigan State at 72 percent. No other university had a greater percentage than in the high sixties.

Through the combined efforts of faculty and staff on our campuses, we are growing enrollment at Ferris State University even in a time of population decline and economic hardship in Michigan. While record enrollments have become frequent accomplishments for our University, comparisons with other institutions reveal how significant these achievements are.

We have known for some time that we are the transfer school of choice for many Michigan college students. This remains true. This fall we had the second highest percentage increase in enrollment among transfer students (13.8 percent), with only the University of Michigan-Dearborn having a greater percentage increase (14.3 percent). Equally impressive are the numbers for our first-year students or FTIACs (First Time In Any College). We maintained a steady growth of FTIACs with a 5.1 percent increase. A copy of this data is accessible here –

Taken altogether, these numbers paint a picture of Ferris State University as a school that students increasingly perceive as offering degrees that will help them advance their career and life aspirations. This success is made possible by the entire University community working together for a common goal. Through your efforts, now more than ever, Ferris has established its reputation as a premier educational institution.
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