Thursday, January 27, 2011

Energy Conference (Apr.13)

Ferris State University will host a Conference for Government, Business, Industry and Educators.

Proposals and case studies are requested for academic, governmental and professional presentations to be presented at the 2011 Michigan Energy Conference.

The conference is on Apr. 13 and 14, each session an hour to two hours in length.

Presenters are encouraged to submit non-promotional proposals for the following areas:
  • Building science fundamentals
  • Residential and commercial building performance, efficiency & loads
  • Residential and commercial mechanical system design & efficiency
  • Government/ utility standard and incentive programs
  • Energy and community planning for the future, negotiating the present
  • Building codes, zoning, regulatory issues
  • The Business of Energy
  • Energy and Sustainable Standards
  • Energy in transportation
  • Energy distribution and storage
  • Batteries
  • Feed-in Tariffs

Presenters will be required to submit a presentation outline by Jan. 31.

Contact Debbie Dawson or Brain Craig at for more information.

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