Friday, October 28, 2011

Kick Start Your Dreams with James Smith Moore, CEO of Jimmy Kicks

Ferris State University’s Victory 4U Campus Ministries will be hosting James Smith Moore, 22-year-old CEO and founder of Jimmy Kicks, Nov. 4 in IRC 20 to share his message of how to “Kick Start Your Dreams.”

The young entrepreneur’s presentation will begin at 6 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. He will discuss how to turn a plan into profit.

"James is so unique, because he is in a position so many want to be in. He is a true, living example of what it means to activate and launch into your destiny,” Jessica Robinson, president of Victory 4U said.
“I hope they [attendees] get the motivation and the courage to consider not just being an employee but an employer."

Moore, of Detroit, will discuss his story of going after his dreams and being successful. Jamie Burkle, an executive board member of Victory 4U, hopes those who attend gain a new perspective of how to make their dreams a reality.

“Great things can happen for anyone willing to take a step out on faith and James is a perfect example of this,” Burkle said. “We are excited and full of great expectation.”

For more information about the event contact Burkle at or (616) 389-5228.

Ferris State University Lip Dub

For the first time in Ferris State University history a Lip Dub video will be filmed during the spring 2012 semester.

The Office of International Education will be putting on this event and is open to all student organizations willing to participate. Any student groups who want to become involved should begin brainstorming ways to showcase their organization in the filming of the video late next spring.

“The purpose of the video is to show the diversity of Ferris, the presence of international students and showcase the mini aspects of the campus. We really like to have as much student involvement as we can to showcase what their organization is about,” Tara Braun, Ferris Study Abroad manager said.

The exact date of the filming is not determined yet, but those interested should look for more information in early January.

For more information, questions or concerns contact Tara Braun in the OIE at (231) 591-2450.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Importance Of Being Involved On Campus: From A Student’s Point of view

Getting involved on campus is a completely different experience than just being involved in the classroom. Don’t get me wrong, classroom knowledge is the core to your college career but campus involvement will send your knowledge and experience level over the top.

I once read a quote that says, “Knowledge without know how is not enough.”

This quote holds its truths. The classes you take give you the knowledge you need, but being involved gives you the knowledge of knowing how to do it. Use what you learn in class and prefect it through allowing yourself to gain personal and professional experience.

Being involved with a Registered Student Organization can open your eyes to a world of opportunity within itself.

For example, I’ll share my experience of being a member of Student Government at Ferris State University.

I began my journey on Student Government during my sophomore year of college. Since then I have sat on many committees such a Diversity, Internal Assessment and Academic Senate.
Through I gained skills from those committees those are not the ones that really stood out to me.
It was when I became the Readership Program Chair, Social Media Specialist for Student Government and joined the Public Relations committee that caught my true interest.

I say “my true interest” because all of these things allowed me to do what I love best, and practice the skills the Journalism and Technical Communication program has taught me.

I am able to use my classroom experience and apply it to my organization, which is a plus for me and my organization.

This is why I believe getting involved on campus enhances your overall college experience. I encourage ALL students to find a RSO that interest them, either social or professional, to gain out of the classroom experience that can boost your knowledge of your craft.

I also encourage all students to attend a Student Government meeting to see what your student leaders are doing to better the campus. Student Government meets every Tuesday at 5 p.m. in Rankin 252. We hope to see you there!

-Keisha Reynolds

Monday, October 24, 2011

Video: Jaime Martinez Speaks About Social Justice, Sharing Power

In this video, activist Jaime Martinez visits Ferris State University to talk to students, faculty, staff and community members about achieving social justice and sharing power.

He also talks about his experiences with great civil rights leaders.