Tuesday, December 18, 2012

From The Desk Of President Eisler: Reflecting On A Great 2012 Calendar Year

Ferris State University College of Pharmacy Center for Innovational
Learning and Research

Here is a note from the desk of Ferris State University president David L. Eisler reflecting on some of the great things that happened during the 2012 calendar year at the University:
As we near our holiday break, I am struck by what a remarkable year 2012 has been for Ferris State University. Thank you so very much for the work you have done throughout
President Eisler
the year on behalf of the university community. This begins with the education you provide for our students. It is the reason for our university and is at the core of our efforts. There has never been a time when the unique career-oriented education we provide students has been more important for their future success.

There are many highlights from the past year: the opening of our Pharmacy campus at 25 Michigan in Grand Rapids, our expanded Jim Crow Museum, the unveiling of the renovated Federal Building and the success of our student-athletes, including the members of our hockey team who made it to the national championship game.

This is a time of year to reflect upon these and other successes, and to be appreciative of the dedication, collaboration and committed hard work it took to make them happen. It is also the time of year for many to spend time with family and friends. Whatever your holiday plans I hope that there is within those plans some time for rest and relaxation. I wish you a great, joyous holiday season. If you are traveling, I also wish you safe travel.

While these are times of challenge for higher education, they are also times of opportunity and I know of no place more committed to opportunity than Ferris. Thank you for everything you do for our students and for Ferris State University.
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