Wednesday, January 8, 2014

MLK Celebration at Ferris is Fast Approaching

The Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Freedom March

It's Ferris State University's annual tribute to the memory of one of history's most important and influential civil rights leaders, Martin Luther King Jr.

Beginning Jan. 20, the University community will come together for a series of events over a four-day period to honor King's memory and to keep his dream alive.

The 2014 Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration is an opportunity for faculty, staff, students, community members and others to unleash their inner activist in any of a number of different ways ... all with the goal of making our community, state, country and world a better place. As part of this, the celebration includes a number of events designed to promote awareness of civil rights, service and social justice.

Check out this story for more details, including the events that will highlight the celebration:

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